Hello, I'm Megan!
Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of working in diverse design environments — everywhere from eCommerce and tech companies to creative agencies and with powerhouse brands like Disney and LinkedIn. 
From mentoring junior designers on visual hierarchy…to branding startups and pitching Fortune 100 clients in the boardroom, I execute designs that tell a brand’s unique story—and resonate with customers and clients alike.  
What I do best...
○  Reimagine the way consumers see your company—with smart, stand-out designs that draw people into your product.
○  Manage a full team of designers and illustrators—providing ongoing training to ensure they develop a strong design aesthetic and adhere to brand guidelines.
○  Pitch and present concept art to key stakeholders—deftly managing their changes and concerns.
○  Coordinate with production vendors to ensure deadlines & budgets are met.
○  Direct lifestyle and product photography shoots for packaging, advertising and retail environments.
○  Building & maintaining strong relationships internally & externally. 
😻 Cat Lady   🎹 Classic Pianist   🎂 Chapter Leader (For Goodness Cakes)   🍩 Foodie   🐠 Pisces   🧶 Crocheter   🪴 Plant Whisperer  
“Megan is quite simply one of the most gifted creative minds I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She has the unique blend of being a world-class creative talent, a tenacious detail manager, and yet also a tremendous customer/client-facing expert. Quite simply, Megan is the full package that any company would look for when trying to build a "Best In Class" team. I can't think of any organization that would not benefit from Megan's unparalleled talents and multiple skill sets!”
– Gary King, Former CEO @RedwoodVentures
“After twenty years In the product development industry, I’ve managed hundreds of designers and vendors. There are valuable few whose ability extends into strategic thinking and best in class project management in addition to great design.

Megan has been critical to all aspects of the creative process, from concept to final product. She is unflappable, capable and reliable.

An rock solid asset to any team.”
– Dan Owen, Global Director of Creative @Netflix
“Megan can not only be counted on as a stellar professional, but a truly stand-up individual.

Megan and I worked together in a creative capacity, which allowed me to witness just how driven she is to serve the aesthetic of a project, how open she is to collaboration, how brilliantly she is able to communicate and elevate a projects message and how much joy it brought her to deliver truly top quality content and design. Willing to put team before ego/self, Megan has proven herself time and time again to be an irreplaceable asset to whichever team/project she is on.

Having been both a collaborator/teammate and manager of hers, I would without a moments hesitation, recommend Megan as a "next level" hire for your organization.”
– Jason Rowe, Former Creative Director @LinkedIn
“Megan is a creative individual that does an amazing job weaving the business objectives of retailers into how she shows and explains product lines. She brings a fresh perspective to any situation and puts the work in to ensure what she delivers is the absolute best possible. She is receptive to feedback on her work and is always trying to be better understand the audience by asking questions. I valued working with Megan and always appreciated what she brought to every meeting and presentation to retail buyers.”
– Mike Moes Former Sr. Buyer @Target
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