While working at Jakks Pacific, I was part of the Disney creative team. As a designer and art director, I oversaw the entire creative process of various projects from start to finish. I had the pleasure of working on the packaging and showroom design for the animated tv series, Tangled. It was my goal to maintain the brands look and aesthetic, while also providing function and beauty to each project's needs. I also created custom graphic callouts and oversaw the entire photography direction.       
*In collaboration with Disney & Jakks Pacific
Disney & Jakks Pacific
Designer & Art Director
Project Type
Packaging, Showroom Design, Photography Direction

Rapunzel Bow & Arrow
Art Direction, Design, Photography

Rapunzel Secret Journal 
Art Direction, Design, Photography

Left: Rapunzel Dress
Right: Rapunzel Adventure Bag
All: Art Direction, Design, Photography

Freestanding display concept


Showroom concept
Fall 2017 Santa Monica

Final Fall 2017 Santa Monica Showroom

DIRECTION: Megan McKiernan, Helene Arancon 
PACKAGE DESIGN: Megan McKiernan, James Luttinger
SHOWROOM DESIGN/SETUP: Megan McKiernan, James Luttinger
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