Serving as chair of communications, I am responsible for creating campaigns, promotions and overseeing other creatives for the Echelon Ventura chapter. This is a group of young professionals looking to serve the community of Ventura, CA.
The Salvation Army Echelon
Creative Director, Designer (Served on board - communications chair)
Project Type
Branding, Event Materials, Marketing Collateral, Animation, Social Media
Our communications team wanted to create animated content to promote social media events. We brainstormed and developed a fun loving character, "Echie" to serve as our mascot. We storyboarded and defined the personality of the character to help bring a more friendly and playful tone to our content. Since our team is all volunteer based, we wanted to create a template that could be easily adjusted by other members in the team. 
Event Materials - Launch Party!

Event site

Event Flyer

Instagram Invite

Branded water bottle

Photo booth template design

DIRECTION & DESIGN: Megan McKiernan 

ANIMATION & DESIGN: Jojo Chongjaroenjai, Alex Bradt​​​​​​​
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