Worked with a team of designers and marketing leads to rebrand Disney Princess Little Kingdom Makeup.  The previous look was too young looking and not reading well as makeup.  Marketing challenged the design team to come up with a solution. Disney chose my overall look and branding out of several other options presented.  I then worked with my team to refine and establish the logo, die lines/structures, custom illustrations and production. I gave direction and inspiration to other designers to ensure the branding remained consistent.
*In collaboration with Jakks Pacific.
Disney & Jakks Pacific
Designer & Art Director
Project Type
Branding, Packaging

Final Logo

My logo concepts presented to Disney

Original concept for packaging/branding look presented to Disney.

Refined makeup categories illustrations

Final makeup categories illustrations

DIRECTION: Megan McKiernan, Helene Arancon 
PACKAGE DESIGN: Megan McKiernan, Anna Maria Coppi
ILLUSTRATION: Megan McKiernan, Anna Maria Coppi
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