The cutest scented super slow-rising squishy Pets & Besties! Smooshy Mushy gained a strong fan base and became a very successful brand. I was responsible for the overall branding and graphics for over 2 years. I worked with a team of in-house designers and contractors to produce product concepts, character artwork, packaging, showroom designs and other marketing materials needed for the brand.
*In collaboration with RedwoodVentures and OLO Industries
Smooshy Mushy/RedwoodVentures
Designer & Art Director
Project Type
Animation/Video Direction, Illustration/Character Art Direction, Packaging, PR Campaign, Product Innovation

Smooshy Mushy Ultra - Video Teaser 

Smooshy Mushy Ultra - Character Art 

Smooshy Mushy Ultra - Packaging & Character Art

Smooshy Mushy Ultra - Influencer Promotion Campaign

Kendra's Sparkly Life
Kendra's Sparkly Life
Mini Toyland
Mini Toyland
Everyone's Toy Club
Everyone's Toy Club

Smooshy Mushy Mystery Munchie Packs - Packaging & Product

Smooshy Mushy Mystery Muncie Packs - Packaging PDQ

Smooshy Mushy Minis - Packaging

Smooshy Mushy Minis - Packaging & Product

Smooshy Mushy Minis - Packaging & Product

Smooshy Mushy Bentos S4 - Packaging

Smooshy Mushy Sticky Snacks - Packaging

Smooshy Mushy Sticky Snacks - Packaging & Product
Smooshy Mushy Sticky Snacks - Packaging & Product
DIRECTION: Megan McKiernan 
ILLUSTRATION: Mindy Lucio, Jojo Chongjaroenjai, Jamie Rodriguez, Brenda Ho
PACKAGE DESIGN: Megan McKiernan, Mindy Lucio
VIDEO: Jojo Chongjaroenjai (storyboard & animation)
INFLUENCER CAMPAIGN: Mindy Lucio (design), Megan McKiernan (direction), Freeman Public Relations (PR), Aisle Think (printing)
PRODUCT CONCEPTS & DEVELOPMENT: David Murphy, Megan McKiernan, Mindy Lucio
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ryan Ehrmantraut, Cierra Maher
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