The Zumaya Group is a full-service firm advising non-profits, businesses, and government agencies on all things talent and strategy.
I was tasked to support the start-up establish a brand, mini style guide, website, and presentation template design. I worked directly with the client and a copy writer to create all content and designs.
The Zumaya Group has a strong partnership with The Salvation Army; often working on common projects to serve the community. I choose a darker shade of red from The Salvation Army's red as the dominate color for the Zumaya Group. I wanted to nod to their partnership; all while creating a new look and feel for the Zumaya group that is darker and sophisticated. I wanted the brand to have a warm, but professional tone. I choose lifestyle photography throughout the website and deck design to best represent diversity and a strong human element.
The Zumaya Group
Creative Director & Designer
Project Type
Branding, Style Guide, Website, Keynote Template
Website Design & Development
Letterhead System
Branding & Guide
Presentation Template
DIRECTION & DESIGN: Megan McKiernan 
COPY WRITING: Jake McKiernan
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